Can you turn a Dashboard into a template


Hi, Smartsheet community! Im new to Smartsheet but I know all of the amazing things it can do! I was wondering. I have a dashboard format that I like and want to keep using the same format for my project. I have multiple projects that all have the same style of dashboards, sheets & reports. Id like those to be pulled into my Dashboard template so that Im not having to recreate it from scratch every time.


  • Pauline J
    Pauline J ✭✭✭✭✭


    What I do (similar situation) is save the existing dashboard as a new dashboard, and then update the widgets. Open your dashboard and Select File / Save as New (and modify the folder/workspace if you want the new dashboard to be stored in a different location.

    You can then edit each widget and re-select the differing data source. If your sheets are setup with the same column structure, this should work pretty well.

    I hope this helped!