VLOOKUP Not matching with Cell Reference but with String


I am doing a cross sheet VLOOKUP using this formula: =VLOOKUP(Region@row, {GC Consulting Approver}, 2, false). This returns a No Match error even though there is a match.

If I use this version of the formula, =VLOOKUP("Americas Latin America​", {GC Consulting Approver}, 2, false), it makes the match.

The search value is in a Number/Text column. The 1st column of the lookup range is a Primary Column and is also Number/Text. The value I am trying to lookup is in a Contact column and my formula is also in a Contact column.

I want to use the Region@row method since I will be adding rows to this sheet. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • petef
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    @Erika Sajdak thanks. That did not fix it, but it looks like I was not specifying the correct column for the INDEX function. This is the working formula: =INDEX({GC Consulting Approvers}, MATCH(Region@row, {GC Consulting Approvers}, 1), 2).


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