How can I copy cells from another sheet with multiple instances of the Matched cell reference


I'm new to the community, hello!

Scenario: I have a source sheet with time entries for all resources and all projects. Project ID appears in all rows.

I want to copy rows with the same Project ID’s into individual sheets, by sheet reference.

I am familiar with “Index/Match”, but I do not know how to capture multiple instances, can anyone help?


  • bisaacs
    bisaacs ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @RCruz,

    Could you provide a sample of the data/sheets you're trying to Index/Match? This can help us better understand the information you're trying to gather. Please be sure to hide any sensitive information when providing the screenshot.


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  • RCruz

    "Project ID 1" is used to match the records. My intent is to copy the Row and sum the hours for each User, in the destination sheet.

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