Creating a Dashboard with non numerical data


I have a sheet created from a form that is essentially a Security Activity Report Form. Officers enter their daily duties such as Patrols, suspicious activity, emergency responses, etc.

I want to create a dashboard that will show how many patrols each site is conducting, how many suspicious activity reports, vandalism, etc.

right now I am exporting to Excel, creating a Pivot chart, and so forth. Not difficult but time consuming.

Is there a way to build the dashboard in Smartsheet? I have tried but it will only do it for numerical data, where as Excel will allow a pivot table/chart based on the number of entries in the drop down.

So essentially, is there a way to create and or link my main sheet to another sheet that will calculate how many of each event, in realtime then build the dashboard off of the sheet with the numbers?

If so what formulas do I use?

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