Need help with setting up a sheet which can pull data and filter it based on certain requirements


I want to build a Smartsheet which can count the total number of submittals that are due within a specific date range (Week starts on a sunday and week ends on a saturday). The submittals sheet is a separate sheet and will need to be referenced to pull the total number of submittals. From there I need to build a formula which will pull and calculate the total amount of submittals on the new sheet.


  • Will Jeffords
    Will Jeffords ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Prabjeet , can you explain a little more about why you need to have two sheets in your solution? Also, is it possible to screenshot the submittals sheet as a reference for us (please hide any confidential info). I'm wondering if some nice formulas in Sheet Summary (and maybe a Report) might serve your purpose.

    Look forward to helping you brainstorm and solve!



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