COUNTIF where counting if cell contains "Super" but "Superstar"


I have a formula where I'm counting how many products are at a certain status and where they have a title of Super, Super & more or Super & Design (B&W) - but want to make it scalable. Is there a way to create a formula where I can tell it to count any cell where "Super" is the prefix? And secondarily, not count anything that says, "Superstar" as that is a separate category.

The below is working but isn't scalable and doesn't account for the "Not" Superstar.

=COUNTIFS({Status}, Product@row, {Title}, OR(@cell = "Super", @cell = "SUPER & more", @cell = "Super & Design (B&W)”))

Any thoughts? Essentially I'm hoping it is like a boolean search where i can say countif "Super!"

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