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We have a team task list where we open up items, assign team members, create due dates, and update the status when closed. I am looking for a report / filter / view where I can filter closed items and group items by the assignee. Any suggestions?

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  • andrew.taylor37161

    Hi Michael

    You can create multiple filters on the sheet that can be selected as needed.

    One filter can have multiple conditions, for example If "Status" is open (or not closed) and by "Assigned to".

    If your "Assigned to" column is created as a Contact column, you can then utilise the 1. Assigned to (contact column), 2. is one of (condition), 3. Current user (option).

    This would make it a viewer sensitive filter, in other words if Jane Doe was the person (or persons if multiple contacts was enabled on the column type) to whom the task was assigned to, and the status was open, when the filter is on, Jane would only see her tasks that are not closed.

    These contact column types make it possible to have workflows around them for reminders etc (Automation).

    You can write reports in exactly the same way and use these filters as a view option if you are using Dynamic Views (subject to the plan you are on).

    Hope this helps.

  • michaelwr

    That's a great solution, but I am looking for something different. I want to group all of my team members' activities and have everything on one report.

    Person 1

    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3

    Person 2

    • Item 4
    • Item 5

  • Gia Thinh
    Gia Thinh ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @michaelwr ,

    You may want to use Report, a Smartsheet item that you can create in Smartsheet. Using Filter and Group by features can resolve your issue. The screenshot below is an example. Hope it works for you.

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