New Employee Onboarding and Ever boarding workflow in Smart Sheet


I wanted to share that our higher education division (3 units) needed a global system for onboarding and ever boarding so I created a system containing a task list, 3 dashboards (one for the supervisor, one for the employee, and one for systems), a short new employee form, along with automation and alerts for 3 time frames (pre-arrival, 1st day/1st week, 1st month/3 months). It has completely transformed our onboarding workflow. We use it for internal position promotions as well. We will eventually develop an offboarding system. We were selected to be panelists at a summit event this week at our university and received a lot of interest in it. Very exciting!

Holly Coble, Systems Coordinator

Division of Global Engagement (DGE)

University of Oregon



  • Cathy Salscheider

    That sounds wonderful, Holly. I just started working with one of our managers who handles the nursing float pool (I work at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, WA). She is trying to find a better way to managing hiring and tracking of traveler and contingency staff. I see this as mostly onboarding and related activities.

    What you are doing sounds probably more robust than what I was thinking. But I also thought that whatever solution I come up with could be templated for onboarding for the rest of the organization. I 'd be interesting in finding out more and what key lessons you learned. Thanks!