How to count duplicate Names as 1


I just need help on how to count duplicate names into 1 count vs total number of names. If duplicate just count as 1. Can you help please?


  • Mark.poole
    Mark.poole ✭✭✭✭✭

    To be sure I am understanding the question You are wanting Allison to be counted as 4? OR are you wanting it to flag with a 1 if the name is duplicated? If the first Try this formula.

    =COUNTIFS(Name:Name, Name@row)

    If the second you can use that same formula with in an IF function.

    =IF(COUNTIFS(Name:Name, Name@row) > 1, 1)

    Column 2 uses the first formula, Column 3 the second.

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  • valenzuelat

    I'm doing a data Report just need to count how many people have no show/out within this year not how many times they no show/out. I have the formula for that. I just need how many people who missed/no show. So for Alison who no show 4x I just need to count her as 1. Hopefully this is helpful explained. Thank you!

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