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Looking for help with my formula that would enter the text "complete" if the checkbox column was checked and if the checkbox column was not checked it would subtract the due date from today's date to get days remaining.

Here is my attempt at a formula - thank you for the help!

=if([Data Received]@row, 1 = "Complete"),if([Data Received]@row,2 ([Data Due]@row-TODAY(),



  • Woozle

    Additionally if the first part of the if then statement was for a drop down option; like "complete"


  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Woozle,

    Step 1 - Basic IF

    The syntax for the IF function is:

    =IF(logic, value_if_true, optional_value_if_false)

    Your logic is

    [Data Received]@row = 1

    So this all goes after the parenthesis, before the first comma.

    Your value if true is "Complete" and this goes after the comma. I will add in "Not Complete" to show where that goes.

    The IF is closed with a closing parenthesis.

    The formula looks like:

    =IF([Data Received]@row = 1, "Complete", "Not Complete")

    This formula would do this:

    Step 2 - Add in then

    We can replace the "Not Complete" text with a formula.

    You can "subtract the due date from today's date" using:

    =TODAY() - [Data Due]@row

    But "to get days remaining" I would do the reverse

    =[Data Due]@row - TODAY()

    This can go into the IF formula like this, replacing the words "Not Complete":

    =IF([Data Received]@row = 1, "Complete", [Data Due]@row - TODAY())

    So now you have this:

    Hope that helps.

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