How to move specific rows without a helper column


I can't add another column to the main sheet to track which lines have already been moved, but I need to move select lines from four sheets to one other sheet. I have a workflow in place that is moving all of the lines that fit the description, but this is causing duplicates on the destination sheet. Using a report is not an option because we have additional columns on the destination sheet that we must use that do not exist on the original sheets.

How can I move select lines from multiple sheets to a single sheet without duplicating lines?


  • Jason Hamman

    A few questions that would help with suggestions:

    1. Why can't you add a column to track what has already been moved?
      1. This field could then be used to exclude those rows from the source sheet view (by setting a default filter).
    2. If you're moving the row, then it shouldn't also remain in the source sheet. Is the data duplicated between each of the 4 sheets?
    3. Why do you need 4 sheets + 1 to track moved rows?


    • To my knowledge, automatic de-duping isn't possible in Smartsheet.
    • In this case, it may be easier to consider having one sheet as the "source of truth", replicate the look/feel of the original 4 sheets by building reports, and then recreate any forms used across all 5 sheets into this single sheet.