Formula to sum Children if a Helper Column for Parent Row is checked


I've created a Helper Column that checks itself if it is a Parent Row. I'd like to create a column formula that will automatically sum any children under that Parent Row. Thanks in advance!


  • Mark.poole
    Mark.poole ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 05/07/24

    Try a column with this formula

    =IF([Helper Column2]@row =1,SUM(CHILDREN([# of Estimated Hours]@row)))

    And a Second one with this.

    =IF([Helper Column2]@row =1,SUM(CHILDREN([Actual Hours]@row)))

    Otherwise you would have to enter =Sum(Children()) on each parent row if you want to keep the children rows editable.

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  • Sandy Glassberg

    Thank you, Mark.poole, but that resulted in "unparseable". Any other suggestions?

  • PCG Sam Harwart
    PCG Sam Harwart ✭✭✭✭
    edited 05/07/24

    Hi @Sandy Glassberg ,

    You won't be able to have a column formula and manual entry in the same column. You could have a column that allows for entering in child task hours and a second column that totals the children. Conditional Formatting could also gray out the parent rows so users know not to enter data there.

    Something like this:

    [Estimated Hours - Parent] =IF(C@row = 0, "", SUM(CHILDREN([Estimated Hours - Child]@row)))


    Conditional Formatting for rows with C>0.

    Does this help?


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