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I am trying to set up a part of my metrics sheet that will count using a COUNTIFS function. I will need the conditions to be Approve and Deny, and I will need them to be able to accept each condition by year. I will attach pictures of what I mean.

So I will cross refrence this sheet using the date column which will be sorted by year (2024,2025,etc). And also the Approve column which either has the option to be Approve or Deny

I want it to end up here in my metrics sheet which I am in the process of making a dashboard. am not sure how I should use a range and criterion to only count the approve and deny for the given year as shown…

Can someone help me with the function for the last part of counting by date please?



  • Ty Werven

    here is the formula I'm using that isn't working…

    =COUNTIFS({6AB Range 1}, "Approve", {6AB Range 2}, YEAR(@cell) = $[Column2]@row))

  • Mark.poole
    Mark.poole ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 05/08/24

    @Ty Werven

    It looks like you got one too many ) at the end of your formula. My test show your formula should work otherwise.

    Your Formulas should be

    =Countifs({6AB Range 1}, "Approve",{6AB Range 2}, Year(@cell) = $[Column2@row)

    =Countifs({6AB Range 1}, "Deny",{6AB Range 2}, Year(@cell) = $[Column2@row)

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