Email Attachments

Joel Dean
Joel Dean
edited 05/08/24 in Smartsheet Basics

I have done alot of reading around here and seen alot of writing about how to get automated email attachments. When I first setup my sheet it was doing what most would have wanted it to do or at least it seemed that way. I"ll try to summarize our workflow

1.) Request for work comes in through a form

2.) The request + some manual entry fills out a PDF in the document builder

3.) The initial request also triggers an update request to other teams in my department to contribute some file attachments to the assignment.

4.) Once finished a status column changes the assignment to "commited" and this trigger 1.) generates the PDF, and 2.) alerts everyone I need in distribution as well as some people in a contacts column.

5.) The email only opens with the PDF created in the document builder.

When I first had this up and running, it was including the other attachments from #3 as well as the PDF, and now its only doing the document created in the document builder. I can't figure out what changed here. I would really rather not do the send update request work around that others have suggested as I dont want anything edited through that form and it will be confusing to the end user receiving it. Additionally, the whole point was to have fewer touchpoints so that my team wouldn't have to be as involved with the process as they were before we started using smartsheet. Which as stated at first it was doing it and now it isn't. Unclear on what changed from when it was working as hoped until now.