Data separated by comma's creating separate line items


I am building a form. One of the questions asks for a list of names separated by comma's. I would like a separate row to be created for each name listed on the back end. Is there a formula I can create for this action?


  • Jason Hamman

    Each form submittal can only create a single row of data within a sheet. You'll likely want to revisit your sheet/form setup for single person entry (1 person/row).

    If most submissions are for multiple people, you can speed user entry in the following ways:

    1. Set the form's "submit" behavior to reload the form for next entry.
    2. If submitted info is similar / the same for each named person, set the form's "submit" behavior to show instructions directing them to use their browser's back button to return to the form (it will still contain all previous entries), make any necessary minor changes (name, etc.), and then submit again.

    Alternately, if you have the Pivot add-on, consider pivoting by person.

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