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I'm hoping there is a formula that I can use that will read the first cell and input each thing individually in their own cell? Thanks

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  • Courtney S.
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    Here's the closest solution I can think of - you can make a column for each possible answer, and then use the HAS function to put the answer into that column if that particular answer is in the first column. Like this:

    The column formulas are:
    =IF(HAS(Multiselect@row, "Company Credit Card"), "Company Credit Card")

    =IF(HAS(Multiselect@row, "Fuel Credit Card"), "Fuel Credit Card")

    =IF(HAS(Multiselect@row, "Company Vehicle"), "Company Vehicle")

    =IF(HAS(Multiselect@row, "Vehicle Allowance"), "Vehicle Allowance")

    See the IF and HAS function pages if you want details about those functions:


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