Total "Calculated Total Amount:" column values for all previous matching "CWID"s on same sheet

Carolyn H
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I have a sheet that collects data from user applications for funding. Unique users are identied by a "CWID" number and the amount of funds they're asking for is in the "Calculated Total Amount:" column at that row.

Whenever a new application comes in I want it to search the (same) sheet for earlier entries from the same CWID and if there are any, to sum the "Calculated Total Amount:" value(s) from those rows. I.e. I want it to tell me how much money, total, that person has previously requested on the sheet.

I'd like for it to calculate the total right there on the sheet rather than on a separate report page.

I'm guessing it's probably very simple but I've tried all sorts of SUMIFs and VLOOKUPS and INDEX and not getting anywhere. Any help would be super appreciated.

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  • dojones
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    I think you will have to perform the calculation on a separate sheet for total funds by CWID, but you can then display the total funds for the CWID on the data collection sheet using a vlookup from the summary sheet.


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