Why no Move/Copy Methods for Reports


SheetResouces has MoveSheet & CopySheet methods, why are there no MoveReport / CopyReport Methods for ReportResources in the API ??


  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just curious what would the expected behavior be? What would the workflow look like?

  • JohnAtuphondo

    The following example code is taken from https://smartsheet.redoc.ly/tag/sheets#operation/move-sheet

    If I can do this with a Sheet object:
    ContainerDestination destination = new ContainerDestination {
    DestinationId = 7960873114331012, // destinationFolderId
    DestinationType = DestinationType.FOLDER,

    // Move sheet
    Sheet sheet = smartsheet.SheetResources.MoveSheet(4583173393803140, destination);

    why can I not do the same with a Report object:

    Report report = smartsheet.ReportResources.MoveReport(4583173393803140, destination);

    it's like the API believes that Reports are created and never to be moved except manually!