Column formula but with some rows manual input


Hi all,

I am wondering if it is feasible to use a column formula together with some manual input.

To give you some background: I would like to use a formula for the 'status' of my parent rows depending on the 'status' of their relevant child rows. However, I still want/need to manually select (drop-down list) the status of my child rows.

FYI: 3 statuses as drop-down list: not started, in progress, completed.

Is this possible using a column formula or should I enter this formula on each parent row specifically? At the moment, I am not able to do a column formula for parent rows, with manual selection for child rows.




  • Mark.poole
    Mark.poole ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 05/15/24

    I am sorry but no. You can not have a column formula and manual entries on the same column. You can copy and paste the formula to each of the parent rows how ever while leaving the child rows free to manual entry

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