I am trying to figure out formula using SUMIFS with OR and AND functions inside.....


I was able to get to the below formula - "SUM of {FY23Loan} reference IF {FY23School} reference is either "Doerr School of Sustainability" OR "DOERR" OR "EEES"
=SUMIFS({FY23Loan}, {FY23School}, OR(@cell = "Doerr School of Sustainability", @cell = "DOERR", @cell = "EEES", @cell = "ERS"))
but then…. I realized I need to add more conditions to it and SUM only IF {BOT School Confirmation} reference is NOT "Offer - Declined", OR "Resigned, OR "Retention - Declined", OR "Not active", OR "Declined", OR "Did not make an offer")
Not sure how to add AND + OR after my original formula…


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