Use Copy Row workflow without changing all values on destination sheets?


Hi! I'm new to SmartSheets and have a question that might seem simple. I'm currently setting up a master sheet with data that will copy rows to five other sheets using the "Copy a Row" workflow. These destination sheets are intended for separate users to provide feedback, notes, and revisions on various resources without having access to the master sheet. The columns I'm working with include Title, Description, Status, Notes, etc.

I need to know if using the "Copy Rows" function will overwrite the data in the "Status" and "Notes" columns in each of the user sheets. If it does, is there a way to configure it not to overwrite these columns or a different workflow that I could use? I want to make sure that the users don't lose their progress or notes.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • lschek1
    lschek1 ✭✭

    Copy rows automation does not overwrite the data in the destination sheet, only pulls the immediate data after the workflow is triggered in the source sheet; therefore, it will only add new rows in the destination sheet.