What's the best way to filter by colour?


Assets uploaded to the DAM are available in different colours (think about a t-shirt that is produced in 5 different colours).

What is the best way to filter/ find the asset that contains a specific colour?

I was going to suggest adding a tag at upload for each colour the asset could be but I am curious to hear if someone has another idea.


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  • Rebeca S.
    Rebeca S. Employee
    Answer ✓

    Hi @AmelieAtInvoka,

    In this case, we would suggest a multi-value Custom Field. This would allow you to maintain control over the values unlike Tags. That would also allow your users to select one or more values from a dropdown when searching, rather than having to know what Color options are available. Here are some resources about custom fields, and dependent custom fields you can check out.

    Hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please just let me know!

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