Celebrating Smartsheet Community

Will Jeffords
Will Jeffords ✭✭✭✭✭✭

I got these excellent gifts last week in recognition of Leader status here and while I love the swag and badges, I want to emphasize how genuinely enriching it is to connect with all of you here! It sincerely makes my day when people here share for the greater good. Thank you @Arsineh @Alison Clancy @Rebeca S. and all of the Smartsheet Community team for making this an easy, fun place for us! I’m completely addicted to being here and can’t wait for Ambassador and beyond! (This may or may not be my 100th post 😎…only six-billion, forty-eight thousand, eleventy-two more to go until I change my name to Paul Jr.)

Much 🫶🏻 to you all!