Help with formula, I'm getting UNPARSEABLE error!

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    Summer M
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    *Editing to update - I discovered the only change I needed to make was to remove the extra "Err"s - the end of the formula should be …"Sprint6","Err")))))).

    Hello, I am trying to achieve a similar result and am not quite getting it - I'm trying to say IF the date in "Finish@row" is between two dates (from a list in another sheet), show "SprintX". I'm not sure if I'm just trying to over-engineer this thing or where I might be off but I'm getting UNPARSEABLE error. The colors in in the formula are all matching up, though:

    Here's the text version in case it's easier to respond to:

    =IF(AND(Finish@row >= {Sprints Range 1}, Finish@row <= {Sprints Range 2}), "Sprint1", IF(AND(Finish@row >= {Sprints Range 3}, Finish@row <= {Sprints Range 4}), "Sprint2", IF(AND(Finish@row >= {Sprints Range 5}, Finish@row <= {Sprints Range 6}), "Sprint3", IF(AND(Finish@row >= {Sprints Range 7}, Finish@row <= {Sprints Range 8}), "Sprint4", IF(AND(Finish@row >= {Sprints Range 9}, Finish@row <= {Sprints Range 10}), "Sprint5", IF(AND(Finish@row >= {Sprints Range 11}, Finish@row <= {Sprints Range 12}),"Sprint6","Err")"Err")"Err")"Err")"Err")"Err")

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    Excellent! I'm glad you got it working!

    I hope that helps!

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