Automation - Sharing Capture/Screenshot of Upcoming Week for Current User in Email



We use a smartsheet to do our resource loading, with projects being groups of rows, and "Assigned To" being a column, with all columns to the right being upcoming weeks. So you can view who is scheduled to do a certain amount of hours on a project per week.

I am hoping to create a screen capture of the a list of people's upcoming week (a specific column), and automatically email this screenshot to these people every week. Here's my current automation, which sends them a URL, but the feedback I am getting is that people will not click on the link to activate the "current user" view/filter in our resource loading sheet.

I also attempted to send the "Current User" view as an attachment but that just sends a PDF of my hours to the recipients.

Is there a way to capture a picture of a specific set of columns allocated to one Assigned To person, and send it in an email to them?

Please let me know if you need more information, and thanks in advance.