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Hi, after reading all the previous questions/answers, I'm still not able to figure out what I am doing wrong. In plain language, here is what I want the nested IF formulas to do:

  • If [Priority level]@row is greater than 44, return a value of "Red"
  • If it's greater than 28 and less than 45, return "Orange"
  • If it's greater than 19 and less than 29, return "Yellow"

I've tried a couple different approaches; neither has worked and I keep getting the UNPARSEABLE error. I can't tell if the formulas are completely wrong or if I have just misplaced some brackets/parentheses.

IF([Priority level]@row>44,"RED", IF[Priority level]@row>28 AND [priority level]@row<45, "ORANGE", IF[Priority level]@row>19 AND [priority level]@row<29, "YELLOW","")

IF([Priority level]@row > 44, "RED", IF[Priority level]@row > 28, "ORANGE", IF[Priority level]@row > 19, "YELLOW") (I also tried this one without all the spaces and it still didn't work)

Thank you in advance for helping me troubleshoot!

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