automate charting for next year



I have a workflow where I track certain statistics per group and per individual.

I created the dashboards for multiple fiscal years and charted the sheet that has statistics manually for each metric.

Is there any way to automate or otherwise reduce manual next year charting without manually recharging each chart for the next year? It's a big deal for me because total for everyone I would have to recreate around 150 dashboards with 8-12 different charts on each of them every year.

1. the reference sheet:

2. the dashboard example with the charts:

3. How I created the charts. Each chart has a month column and the metrics. The rows are selected based on the year and I chart only 12 rows per each chart.

4. This is the structure of my workflow - each individual or division has a set of years with 3 dashboards (with multiple charts) per every year.

Thank you so much!


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