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How to select different image source (camera app) when adding photos

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Is it possible to default to a different camera in Android app when selecting to take a photo.  By default the smartsheet app uses Android camera.  I would like to use Skitch so we can add notes, arrows, circles, etc. to the photo.  We are using this for a production line checklist.



  • Schiff A.
    Schiff A. Employee


    If you have multiple camera apps installed, the Smartsheet app should prompt you to select a camera app if you have not already picked a default camera app.  You can restore  this prompt by clearing the default app. Specific steps to clear the default app vary between operating system versions and devices. See the instructions for your device/OS.

    Unfortunately, the Skitch Android app has been discontinued so I cannot test this myself to see if it can be set as the default app to take photos for the Smartsheet app.

    Alternatively, if you save a photo that was taken using Skitch to your device's camera roll you can add it to a row in Smartsheet after taking the photo.



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