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Hi everyone,

I hope this is an easy answer, but I am having trouble finding it despite checking the forums. I have a sheet where there are two columns. Column 1 is a Yes/No and the second is a date. What I am trying to do is create an IF statement where if Column 1 is Yes and the second is not a date that is past, it will return a "Yes." However, if either of the conditions are not met, it will return a "No."

The problem I am having is that when the first check (Column 1) has "No", it doesn't return any value. I am not sure if it it should be an IF(AND or something different.

Thank you!

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  • bisaacs
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    Hey @Whalstead1,

    IF(AND()) is what you'll want to use:

    =IF(AND([Column 1]@row = "Yes", [Column 2]@row > TODAY()), "Yes", "No")

    Hope this helps!

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