How do I overwrite or replace a sheet which is linked with multiple reports/reference sheets etc,.


I have a master data file which has around 20000 rows with nearly 10 columns (200000 Cells) Data driving several reports (50~60), reference formulas to several sheets (8~10). Master Data file changes (200000 Cells) everyday (Adds/Removes/Re-arranges data). In excel, we just save the file under the same name and it gets overwritten and the data will flow to all linked/referenced documents. But I think smart sheet is ruled by a sheet ID (Not editable) and can be saved with the same file name. Hence, the links still flow from the old outdated master data sheet. How do I either change the sheet link in all report and referenced file in one shot or how do I reference the updated master data file as same as the old master data file.

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