Smartsheet not recognizing a number value

Eric Curtiss
Eric Curtiss ✭✭
edited 06/03/24 in Formulas and Functions

I have a sheet with item numbers and Dates when a purchase order is due. Some items have multiple purchase orders outstanding, so I have a MIN(COLLECT statement to find the earliest of the open PO dates for that item.

What has me baffled is that for "Item" that has a six digit number, it doesn't return any value. If it has a dash in it, or letter, it returns the value expected. I've added the "Item Value" column to make sure Smartsheet sees it as a number, not text, and it does the same thing. I added a "COUNTIF" column to count how many times the number occurs. Again, if it's a six digit number it returns zero, everything else returns the number expected.

The "Length" column correctly measures the length of the Item field.

The Latest Due Date column is formatted as a date. The "Date Date" column is formatted as "DateOnly" thinking maybe that was the problem. Same results using either column.

Here's the formula in "Earliest PO of Component"

=MIN(COLLECT([Latest Due Date]:[Latest Due Date], Item:Item, Item@row))

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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