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We use SmartSheet to keep track of our teams tasks. We have numerous tasks which are complted on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc. basis. We mainly use card view to review the tasks. what are some ways you document recurring tasks? Currently we add them in as a subtask under card view but this does not seem like the efficient way to manage these.

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    Hi @CaraBart28

    There have been some discussions regarding the recurring tasks.

    Creating recurring Tasks automatically

    Use copy rows, as discussed here, to automatically create tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

    To summarize the method;

    • Create a separate sheet to house your recurring tasks.
    • Designate columns for details like task name, frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), etc.
    • Set up a workflow to copy rows to another sheet triggered by a scheduled date (daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your recurrence).

    Example of Recurring Task Template

    In a discussion here, I described a method to create a new duplicate task on some user action, for example, when a user marks the task complete. (Uses copy rows and copy rows back method.)

    Managing recurring tasks in card view

    The demo sheet below in card view uses Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) as the lane, uses This Week filter, and applies conditional formatting based on the status of tasks.

    The same sheet in the grid view is like the image below.

    If the daily task is for every team member and the weekly and monthly tasks are for some team members, we need to create an elaborate copy rows scheme to copy rows to an appropriate member's sheet and use my task and team task report. (My task report uses the current user filter, and the team task report hides the daily task lane, for example.)

    Team Task Report Image

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