Hello All!


I am a little late to the game here…. I am Jaime Elmen and I am extremely excited to be part of the Smartsheets Community and I am looking forward to ANY help I can get from the experts here. I am based out of Salt Lake City Utah and my 20+ year background is in Banking and Finance with a focus on Consumer and Commercial lending. In my free time (very limited lately) I love to golf and spend time with my family and two mini-aussies.

Now for my Smartsheets background….

I should have done this about two years ago. I am new to Smartsheets, I was introduced to the program upon starting at my institution in June of 2022. I quicky realized what Smartsheets had to offer and in December of 2023 started to work on a solution to completely overhaul how we interacted with our Partners and will be rolling out a new interaction model over the next few months through the use of WorkApps and Dynamic Views (with the hopes of expanding into Control Center and other add-ins once management sees the benefits and efficiencies!)

I am completely self-taught over the last 5-6 months but have received a lot of support from my Smartsheets contact (Scott Demolli) and am looking forward to several calls with my Pro-support over the next few months as I start to build out my Dashboards (any suggestions from anyone here are welcome!)

I have built what I consider to be two master 'databases' which feed an internal interaction model and will feed 11 external interfaces for external partners. With the use of dynamic views we have removed the need for upwards of 30+ Smartsheets and the need to @ people internally and externally (slowing down the process and creating annoying emails which honestly were ignored). Now it will be routed directly to the users interface. Our internal and external stakeholders are extremely excited for what is to come over the next few months!