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I have had a Smartsheet Dashboard and for months I've had a Power BI report embedded in a web content widget with the Website or Portal embed link. Anyone who wants to view it needs to click to sign in and then the report is there to interact with on the dashboard.

For some reason this sign in has now stopped working. I've checked the embed link and it's correct. I've tried linking to the report and then the app but when you click to sign in to view the report it's like it's in a loop. You keep having to click sign in but you can't actually get to the report. Any ideas why the break happened and what I can do? I can't publish to web (company policy) but surely there's a reason I can't seem to log in and view on the Smartsheet dashboard. 

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  • eliweitz
    eliweitz ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hey @Sam McDonald! Could it possibly be an issue with the pop-up blocker? I wonder if the authentication requirement isn't functioning since it cannot launch a login method.

  • Sam McDonald

    Hi @eliweitz genius! I realised I've been using the Smartsheet Desktop App for the same duration I haven't been able to access the report via the dashboard. I just tried accessing the link in the browser and it worked perfectly. I'll get onto my IT department to see if they can help with the pop-up blocker as I can't seem to configure it so I can access via the app. Thanks so much!

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