Formula to find duplicates in any column on a sheet


I have a sheet with food delivery schedules. I want to use a form for staff to submit that the delivery was completed. I need a way to show on a report and dashboard, what has been delivered in real time.

The set up needs to be easy for the user. I have Day, Date, Room, Time, Type in separate columns for them to enter, then a helper column that combines those columns. I will use the helper column to copy/past as dropdown options for each Room on my form.

The staff will see ONLY the Room 1, Room 2 (and additional rooms), columns. Submissions will populate at the bottom of this same sheet.

I need a column formula in the [Delivery Complete] column that will change it to 'Yes' on the schedule row when there is a submission in any column that matches the [Day, Date, Area, Time, Type] column. The formula generating 'Yes' must be on the schedule row, but it could also be on the submission row if that makes it easier for a column formula. Users will be adding rows, so the column formula is important, if possible.

Thanks in advance!


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