Need formula to indicate fiscal year impact based on dates


I need a column that will determine what Fiscal Year the request applies to based on the date value in one of 2 fields: Created Date OR Date Submitted to Billing.

It is possible that the Created Date could be in the previous Fiscal Year, but the Date Submitted to Billing is in the following Fiscal Year - the column should then display the later of the 2. Help!


Created Date of 2/25/23 - FY24

Date Submitted to Billing 6/10/24 - FY25

Would want the result of the formula to be FY25.

If Date Submitted to Billing > 4/1/23 OR Created date > 4/1/23, display “FY24”

If Date Submitted to Billing > 4/1/24 OR Created date > 4/1/24, display “FY25”

If Date Submitted to Billing > 4/1/25 OR Created date > 4/1/25, display “FY26”

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