First data point in my chart is eliminated when selecting 4 or more items


In my Smartsheet chart on a Dashboard, when I select more than 3 items in the source sheet (not report), the first one is excluded from the data set.

I'm trying to show a column chart for the number of statuses in "Not Started", "In Progress", "On Hold", "Pending Approval", "Complete", "Update", and "Cancelled" statuses. When I select three values in my source data sheet, I can display "Not Started", "In Progress", "On Hold" fine. Once I add those three and any more (such as "Pending Approval"), "Not Started" disappears from my chart and only the 6 remaining values display.

I went as far as recreating the "Feeder Page" and re-linked and re-drew the chart from scratch, with the same result. I also tried in a separate browser (Firefox) and am unable to get it to work.

It is working in a separate, original workspace that I used earlier today. I copied that workspace to a new location and have ensured the chart is pointing to the right file in the right instance. Only other thing I'd mention is that I have 2 text columns ahead of the Status columns in the Feeder Page, but that shouldn't make a difference. I'd appreciate any thoughts on how to fix this.