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I have a sheet that tracks inventory of items. All of the items are in boxes, with each box having a unique number. Multiple items are in each box. Each box also has a location.

In one sheet I track which box items are in (the ITEM sheet), along with a bunch of other information about the items, with each item having its own row. In another sheet I track the location of the boxes (the BOX sheet), with each box having its own row.

Items sometimes move between boxes and boxes sometimes move location. I would like the ITEM sheet link to the BOX sheet for that specific box. If the item moves boxes I would update the new box number on the ITEM sheet and have the link auto update to the correct, corresponding row in the BOX sheet.

Is this possible?


  • Adam Murphy
    Adam Murphy ✭✭✭✭

    This sounds very doable with an INDEX/MATCH or INDEX/COLLECT formula. On ITEM sheet "lookup" the box location from the BOX sheet. This would also require that you create a helper column in BOX sheet that has the link for the row (I think you will need to manually add this when you add a new box), and use that field as the value to return when box matches. Hope that makes sense!

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