How would you fix this email automation?


I am trying to fix an automation that was set up where an email will be sent if a form is not completed. However, an email alert would still be sent even if it was. How would I fix this? Please refer to the screenshot.


  • Zachary Ziegler
    Zachary Ziegler ✭✭✭✭

    This trigger would send a notification out just based on whether or not the Audit Date was within the last 30 days, so it makes sense because if the audit date was 31 days ago and that's recorded when your form is submitted, this workflow would capture it. To remedy this, I would suggest creating a checkbox column called Form Submitted, and creating a separate workflow that checks that column when someone completes the form. You may also consider adding automation to uncheck the box after a certain time interval to ensure that people have to repeat their form submissions in order to keep that checkbox checked, thus exempting them from the notifications. Then you can return to the pictured workflow and add the checkbox being unchecked as a condition and it will start to only send the notification when the audit date is later than 30 days as well as when no form has been submitted.

  • Adam Murphy
    Adam Murphy ✭✭✭✭

    Add a condition(s) that checks the completeness of the form. I assume there is an associated field that would be blank if not completed, add that condition of "where <form field> is blank". Note that you can also make form fields required, so users cannot submit unless it is complete to begin with. Hope that helps.

  • MJB87
    MJB87 ✭✭

    For added clarification, this is for a monthly form. And I wanted an email alert for when a form was not completed for that month. What would my best options be?