Formula to delete specific values from a multi select dropdown column


Hello. I have a COI Tracking sheet that tracks insurance by vendor, which includes a multi-select dropdown column that lists all of the job numbers that the vendor needs to supply insurance for. I have one column for Current Jobs, and a column for Expired Jobs.

I have a secondary sheet called Closed Jobs that tracks insurance renewal expiration dates by job number. This sheet contains a check box if the job is Fully Closed.

What I am trying to do is either delete or move individual job numbers from the Current Jobs column in the COI Tracking sheet if the Closed Jobs sheet shows that the job is Fully Closed. Ideally, I would like the expired job number to move to the Expired column, joining the other values that already exist there, but I do not know if that is possible.

Simply deleting this value would be sufficient, as well.



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