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Hi Y'All,

I have a small task that I do not know how to solve. We collect project data and one specific info we are counting and, I would love to visualize is:

How many contracts were signed in year xx and quarter y?

As background, my data structure consists of 1 project per row. A column is a manual input called "signed at" with the requested input being YYQX,

so a row with a contract signed in January 2024 will have the "Signed at" cell filled with 24Q1.

The column in bulk will look something like this






How can i visualize, how many contracts were signed in each quarter of each year? I think about a dashboard widget but maybe I need some helper columns beforehand. I already used the right() and left() methods to extract year digits and the Q digit, but I do not know how to do a proper visualization.

Thankful for any inputs.



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