Can I filter by columns, not rows?


Hi. I'd like to filter a Smartsheet like this…
… show only rows where (<column4> is checked OR <column8> is checked)

Is this possible? I can only see filtering by row values, not column values.

It is not practical for me to transpose the Smartsheet because the primary column has long text and contains over 100 rows.


  • Colleen Patterson
    Colleen Patterson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, you would be able to set a filter for Show rows that match - cchange that from all conditions to at least one.

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  • fionas

    Thank you. I realise I've not explained this properly at all, sorry.
    I want to see only the columns where a particular row is checked.
    I have about 20 columns and am adding new ones each week, so doing this line by line will soon get unwieldy.

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