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Kathryn Pineda
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Hi all,

I am attempting to use this dashboard template,  Note this includes the dummy data that comes with the template and I will be replacing it with my own info. There appear to be four primary sheets, noted below.

Intake Sheet

Region Sheet - this is where helper columns are. It looks like the region info feeds into the summary and metrics sheet but I am unclear how. Does the intake form feed IN to the region sheet or how is that data collected/setup there? Also, in this dummy data there are only 99 entries on the region (a mix of the same 4 region types) but more than 200 entries on the intake sheet - why the difference? Lastly, the last row of the region sheet has a red flag in the helper column - can you help me understand why? For the sample data they use 4 regions - with my real data I would list 7 departments

Portfolio Summary - appears to be the a duplicate of data from the intake sheet but only with key columns that are tied to metrics reported in the dashboard

Dynamic Metrics Sheet - this is where the data is for any filtered group that is then pulled into the dashboard.

I am confused on how to use the Region Sheet that has the helper columns

Lastly, please note that there is a form tied to the intake sheet and also a form on the dashboard so it can filter data. https://app.smartsheet.com/r/template-gallery/templates/3c06021d-a78a-4203-a8ae-1282c8dc1555/Dynamic-Dashboard-with-Form-Filter?tg-locale=en_US.

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