I am looking for a round about way to create a search function in SmartSheet.


I am trying to create a formula to use on a 'Search Sheet' that, when a keyword is entered into a cell, it will return several columns of information from potentially more than one row of the source sheet. I have done so much research that I think it may involve Index, Match, Collect, and maybe some other functions.

Basically, on the source sheet, I have several columns of data (one that includes keywords), but I only need to return specific columns (e.g., Project Name, Primary Category, Subcategory, Resource Type, Team, Content Designer, SME, Audience, Resource Link) to the 'Search Sheet.' If a keyword is found in more than one row, I need it to return the information in those columns specified above, from both all rows having that keyword.

I feel like this is possible with all the feeds I've found and even with the help of ChatGPT, but I can't seem to get it to work.


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