Trying to find the top three categories for Dashboard Metric



I have a list in my primary column with categories ([Primary Column]52:[Primary Column]93). The column to the right COUNT column has counts for the categories ([count]52:[count]93). I also have a ranking column next to that with the following formula in it from row 52-93 —> =RANKEQ([Count]@row, Count52:Count93, 0).

What i am trying to do is get the top three categories to be listed.

If there are duplicates, say 10 micro holds and 10 finished product OOS sorbic, I want that to go to #1 and #2 (i dont care which order). I dont want it to skip duplicates. If there are 10 of each of those i want them to be top 1-3.

I am currently using these formulas

Top 3 Hold Metric Formulas:


=INDEX([Primary Column]52:[Primary Column]93, MATCH(MAX(Count52:Count93), Count52:Count93, 0))


=INDEX([Primary Column]52:[Primary Column]93, MATCH(LARGE(Count52:Count93, 2), Count52:Count93, 0))


=INDEX([Primary Column]52:[Primary Column]93, MATCH(LARGE(Count52:Count93, 3), Count52:Count$93, 0))



Top 3 Count Formulas:


=MAX(Count52:Count93, 1)


=LARGE(Count52:Count93, 2)


=LARGE(Count52:Count93, 3)

But they are giving me duplicates and i dont want the same category to be duplicated.

It should look like this:

Right now it is skipping the OOS Caffeine all together.

How can I make a formula to get this?



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