I'm having issues with COUNTIFS - can someone help?

  1. This works =COUNTIF(Priority:Priority, "P1")
  2. This works =COUNTIFS(Priority:Priority, "P1") + COUNTIF(Priority:Priority, "P2")
  3. This works =COUNTIFS(Priority:Priority, "P1") + COUNTIF(Status:Status, "Done") but it adds them up

I can't get the countifs to only show records that are P1 AND (Done OR Declined). I've looked through the community and tried these and none of them work:

  1. =COUNTIFS(Priority:Priority,”P1”, Status:Status, “Done”) -leaving out Declined just to see
  2. =COUNTIFS(Priority:Priority, “P1", Status:Status, OR(@cell =
    Done”)) Tried using the @cell variable

What I really want is for something like this to work; any ideas?

  1. =COUNTIFS(Priority:Priority, “P1”, Status:Status, OR(@cell =
    Done”, @cell = “Declined”))
  2. =COUNTIFS([Priority:Priority], “P1”, [Status]:[Status], OR(@cell="Done", @cell=“Declined")


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