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I'm struggling a bit with a SUM IF Formula and hoping you all can help. I'd like a formula to sum the total cost column of my sheet for rows 236-246 if the start date of rows 236-246 is before the start date of the formula cell row, 220 but after the row above it, 219. Thanks in advance.



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    As you have multiple criteria you will need to use a SUMIFS function rather than SUMIF.

    The syntax is

    =SUMIFS(range, criterion_range1, criterion1, criterion_range2, criterion2,…)

    So in your case,

    • the range is your total cost column which I assume is called "Total Cost" between cells 236 and 246.
      • [Total Cost]236:[Total Cost]246
    • the 1st criterion range is the same rows but in the start date column. I have called this column "Start Date".
      • [Start Date]236:[Start Date]246
    • the 1st criterion is that the value in the 1st criterion range is less than the start date in row 220. Start Date must be a date formatted column for this to work.
      • <[Start Date]$220
    • the 2nd criterion range is the same as the first
      • [Start Date]236:[Start Date]246
    • the 2nd criteria is that the value in that range is greater than the start date in row 219
      • >[Start Date]219

    The formula is then:

    =SUMIFS([Total Cost]236:[Total Cost]246, [Start Date]236:[Start Date]246, <[Start Date]$220, [Start Date]236:[Start Date]246, >[Start Date]219)

    Note - this does not sum rows where the start date is equal to either of the 219 or 220 dates.

    In this example the total would be 16

    Hope this helps.

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