Any workaround for Primary column being the first column in a grouped report?

TomG ✭✭✭✭✭

I actually feel a little silly even asking this, but I have a user request to do move a couple of columns to the left of the primary column in a report that uses Groups. Unfortunately I do not have a great response and I hope the collective awesomeness of the Smartsheet community has a better answer than "I can't make the report look that way even though it looks that way on the source sheet". 🙂

I have a source sheet where the Primary column is the third column and we're trying to shift users to interact with the data via reports instead of directly in the sheet. They have a need for a persistent sorted view that is somewhat custom to the individual user. So we've set up individual reports that their custom sort but the data also uses a couple of groupings to help them navigate the large number of rows in their report, often several hundred.

Regardless of how I structure the order of the columns, when grouping is used the Primary column is automatically set as the left most column. I have a couple of columns the users would prefer to the left of the primary as this would align with the source sheet they are familiar with. I've yet to find a workaround for this.

Has anyone out there found a way accomplish having non-primary columns to the left of the primary column in a report when using groups?

Thanks for any insight you may have!