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Saved Filters?



  • nev edwards
    edited 02/23/16

    Sure - but that's not great for all use cases and in the sceanrio above means running the report again or a different report to filter the information rather than say quickly jumping between two saved filter sets.

  • John Ford

    Our users agree-lack of saved filters is the biggest drawback of Smartsheet.

  • Alex Cleater

    +1 for saved filters. This would be amazingly useful!




  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks everyone, I have recorded your votes! 

  • swpowe

    YES! +1. Please allow us to save filters or at least at the click of a button generate a report off a filter. This is a huge hole in smartsheet for our organization.

  • +1 on Chuck Davis request - to not only have saved filters, but also to save hidden & split columns - a saved "view", if you will.


    We have a fairly big sheet and each of our users has their own way they like to see the sheet and their specific columns/rows they want to see, and it's a real hassle to go and undo each other's filters/column hiding every time we want to use.

    Yes, you can export to excel - but the point of this is kinda to avoid having to use excel - we want to work live in our smartsheet because we're not just looking at data, we're modifying and updating data.


    Yes, you can create a report to simulate this, but that's a hassle as well because then if we want to unfilter, or apply a different filter, or un-hide columns, then we have to go back to the main sheet and we're back to square one, or we have to modify the report which is no where as near as efficient as how you can filter rows/hide columns in the sheet itself.


    Our team would really like this feature!!

  • Todd Mazurick

    Please add my vote to either a saved view or saved filter option.  All of our team has editor rights to our sheet, however, with 15 contributors and several hundred projects it would be nice to reduce the amount of data that some people see so that they can focus on there specific area of the sheet.

  • Kennedy Stomps

    Hi Todd-- I can confirm that this is something that our team is working on, however I do not have an estimated release date for this functionality yet. This thread will be updated when this is released, so you'll know as soon as it's ready!

  • Stan Ward

    +1 here for saved filters.  thanks!


  • Hi,


    Filtering options with 3 levels are useful. Please keep at least the last choice of the user in each field.



  • Mark Johnson1

    +1 to save an 'On Open' default filter view and to be able to set the Filter Menu to be on by default too.





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