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Glenn Riese
Glenn Riese ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I have automatic reports sent out when an item is past due.  Sometimes the person listed at the bottom is not the person who made the change.  Any way to prevent this?




  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Glenn,

    It sounds like you've got a notification that is sent out based on specific changes made to your sheet. A few things to keep in mind which might explain the behavior you're seeing:

    • If one person is responsible for making the changes that trigger the notification, they'll appear as the reply-to.
    • If multiple people are responsible for making the changes, the sheet owner appears as the reply-to.
    • Since formulas (especially formulas that use the TODAY function) automatically calculate when someone opens and saves the sheet, it's possible that someone else is updating other aspects of the sheet but since the sheet was opened, the functions also update their results. The person that saves the sheet is still technically the person that made the change, even though the change was an automatic calculation from a formula.

    Let me know if any of these doesn't fit your description and the community can assist further with more information on what you're seeing.


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